Raphael Sabouraud

Game Producer


Hello ! Welcome to my portfolio ! My name is Raphaël Sabouraud. After a Bachelor's degree in C.S, I moved to a Master's degree in project management specialized in video game production. I sharpened my skills in programming through multiple projects and acquired new one such as project management and game design.

Professional Projects



Polytech Nice-Sophia

Bushidon't is a die-and-retry multiplayer 3D party game in which four samurais filled with selfishness have to battle against each other to get stronger. They will indeed have to defeat an upcoming boss alone to satisfy their need of glory.

Gameplay Video
  • Led a team of 12 people

  • Managed the development of new and existing features throughout all production stages: concept, core gameplay, alpha, beta, final prototype

  • Project management : assigned tasks and managed projects for teams, created user stories, milestones, etc.

  • Created process : intern communication, meetings, 1 on 1, etc.

  • Programming : game architecture using game design patterns (State, Behavioral, Singleton), gameplay programming of the character (animations, hitbox, etc...), AI, Managers

Minion Masters

Associate Producer


BetaDwarf started with a group of people squatting in a University classroom for 7 months until that day came where they were discovered and thrown out.. Luckily they found a house and lived together for 3 years, while completing a kickstarter, taking a private bank loan and ultimately releasing their first game FORCED.

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  • Managed : task management during releases and working on the production plan in a scrum-based environment.

  • QA : creating playtests protocols for Minions Masters, QA organization for minor and major releases for Minion Masters.

  • Ensuring Xbox one version pass guidelines


Gameplay Programmer


Apperture, an incorporated subsidiary of Persistant Studios Group, is having teams operating in Paris, Bordeaux and Montréal. They run as a 3D interactive agency intended to craft 3D-based Virtual Reality (VR) – Augmented Reality (AR) – Mixed Reality (MR) experiences dedicated to brands and industrial operators.

  • Designed and developed demo projects using ARKit

  • Developed a Vuforia (AR) escape game Sov Ki Peu

  • Developed a ARKit escape game XSCAPE

  • Mobile development using PopcornFX on the medical application VirutalCoro

  • Wiimote controller integration

Freelance Contract

Graphics Programmer

Codipack 3D Catalogue

3D unity WebGL application showcasing the glass packaging made by codipack.

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  • Created custom shaders for the final glass look effect

  • Tweake the graphics of Unity3D

  • Code architecture and final revisions


Mobile Unity Programmer


Binairo is a binary puzzle. I have worked alone on the programming part of this game project during my internship in Montreal, Canada at Wasappli

  • Developed web services

  • Developed a binary puzzle game

  • Developed a scroll view shop system

  • Published the game on App Store and google play

Personal and Student projects

Mind Hunter

Lead Programmer & Lead Game Designer

Polytech Nice-Sophia

Mind Hunter is a stealth and platform game where the player must focus in order to enable the abilities of the character. The mindwave headset tracks the focus of the player.

  • Developed a TPS Camera

  • Developed a Behavior Tree in C#

  • Developed the code architecture using Singleton

  • Created shaders for x-ray and highlight detection

Alchemy story

Programmer & Game Designer

Global Game Jam

Alchemy Story is about two modified particles, one biological "Bio" and an electric one "Volt" that felt in love with each other inside the laboratory in which they have been created. Volt and Bio desperately wish to escape and live their love story.


Red frequency

Programmer & Game Designer

Global Game Jam

Red Frequency a story about the cold war in Cuba is a narrative runner set in 1962 during the confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union happened. It was known as the Cuban missile crisis. Our story begins with Juan, he was a simple man. But even a simple man can shake up things. The player needs to catch the stars with the radio wave to read the entire message.


Memento Mori

Programmer & Game Designer

Climate Game Jam

Memento Mori is an atypical game which invites the player to question the issues of daily life and their impact on a larger scale. Search the house for interactions and contemplate the consequences of your actions in a universe close to a dream.


Game challenge Ubisoft 2016


Montpellier GaCha

A classical game jam organized by Ubisoft but with more constraints !


Programmer & Game Designer

Global Game Jam

Stressed is a game about how rituals help to cope with stress disorders.


Astro Puru Digger

C++ Programmer

IUT Bordeaux 1

During the end of my first year at the University of Bordeaux, I made a game inspired by Puru Puru Digger in C++ with the SFML for the graphic part.

Source code

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